Practice, practice, practice!!

It's been a challenging week and I know I am not alone on that one. All the bank holidays have forced people to squeeze more into less working days, and this wonderful weather has put the pressure on to get out there and enjoy it. So this has disrupted every one's routine and now we have the full moon just adding to the general energy imbalance.

Still, one has to try to remain positive. The weather is stunning. Guernsey is beautiful. We are lucky to have these bank holidays (not so, perhaps, for those of us self-employed however!). I have fantastic family and friends. I have my health (tick bite aside of course). I have my practice. I have my cats. I have so much more than I realise.

And this is sometimes the problem - that we have more potential than we ever actually realise - as in transform into form, manifest then. And somewhere inside we know this. Know that there is more to us than we express, than we ever really embrace. And we put on toe in, and then pull it out again, and sometimes we stand on tiptoes to try and see further, without looking straight ahead, at what is already there facing us, if we weren't trying so hard, if we weren't doing so much about it. And then there is fear. Oh yes, big real, solar plexus churning and kidney aching fear.

And that's the reason I am so passionate about Yoga. About the fact it wakes us up, and makes us consider our potential, helps us to realise our potential. Not to say that that process is always easy, often it is incredibly challenging, because something inside us is looking for change - wants to transform, whats to break free and find expression in our selves and in our lives. And times like this, when we may often want to run away from our mat, what we actually need to do is get on our mat, be with ouselves, with our practice, day in and day out.

I am loving being able to attend Sheila's Power Yoga classes. They are challenging on both physical and mental levels, which I love because it doesn't give you too much time to think about anything else, plus you have the opportunity to totally connect with your physical body and all that it is trying to tell you. Plus the classes are fun with a healthy amount of laughter and smiling to make you feel inspired and joyous - I love these classes so much more than those that are really serious.

I also love practicing outside. I am looking after my parents greenhouse and gardens while they are away and love practicing at their place as it is so quiet and peaceful and full of trees and flowers and new life everywhere. I practiced there this morning and was joined by Alfie, my cat who now lives with my parent, and I just loved it - like old times, him rolling around on my mat in the sunshine, me trying to practice around him, just the sounds of nature and the wind blowing the trees.

I love being in tehir greenhosue too. Again it has such a peaceful energy and is full of fruit trees bearing very young fruit and all the berries starting to ripen, and the asparagus growing before your very eyes, and all the lettuse, endless amounts of fresh lettuce. The next few weeks should be fun with all the watering and the picking!

Full moon tomorrow morning so lots of energy buzzing about, lots of thoughts and lots of heightened emotional sensitivity. So let's embrace it all, let's dance with our edge, lets stand still on the earth and feel the grass beneath our feet, let's eat well and drink well and let's just be content and gracious, and joyful.

In service of light and love.