I made jam today and was inspired many times

Today I made jam! This is the first time I have ever made jam and it is a really rather satisfying process - thank you Mum for your patience and your inspiration! Of course I had to spend an hour before making the jam, picking the berries in the greenhouse, but I rather enjoy this whole greenhouse malarkey, it is incredibly relaxing and fulfilling...nothing like growing to satisfy the soul...funny that growing is in my blood and has found me again.

I went swimming with Christine at Petit Bot this morning. It was cold! But ah, such a wonderful way to start the morning, looking up at the cliffs and watching the seagulls gracefully riding the sky, and feeling relatively insignificant and yet awe struck by the normality of it all (birds flying, clouds passing the sky, waves on the ocean...who thought of this stuff?!) and having these wonderful chats with Chris about the spirituality of life. Have to love it!

The sun was shining as we walked back up the beach and Chris decided to make the most of the opportunity to embrace its energy and give thanks with a sun salutation in her bathers. Sadly I was far too cold and could only sit and watch instead, huddled in my towel, all the time thinking that in that very moment, Chris was truly living that moment...knowing as well as I do, that that moment will never come again, and truly flowing with the grace of life and inspiring me in the process.

Only an hour later and I was inspired again, this time by an 80 year old gentleman who attends Sheila's Tuesday morning classes. Now there is an example to us all. He has hearing problems and has to wear a hearing aid, which often buzzes in the background, and he has trouble balancing, but he is always smiling and has a great sense of humour. I am truly humbled by his presence in class.

I must admit that I have had one of those days where I have found myself questioning the meaning of life. Rather strange. In the past I have enquired many times into who I am, but it has been many, many years since I have questioned the meaning of life. And now it is back again!

It is like the mist has cleared a little and the illusion has lifted. This morning all I saw was suffering and this afternoon, more so joy. Weird stuff, the extremities of our existence and mirrors of the mind. I guess my sense of meaning has shifted slightly, purpose and raison d'etre. Crazy stuff.

I saw a black bird carrying a yellow bit of plastic in its beak today. I also saw next-door-neighbour's cat, who has adopted us of late, scampering across the back lawn with a dead rabbit in its mouth.

Class was great fun tonight, thank you to all those students who shared their energy in such an uplifting way. I have been buzzing ever since.

Anyhow bed time. I am off to England tomorrow with Dad and Bumble Cat, who is booked in with a top cat eye specialist for an eye operation, poor little thing.

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