Trying to balance on one leg!

Nick and I had fun over the weekend taking some more Yoga in nature shots. We seem to have developed a hand theme! i guess this is rather appropriate, not least the mudras themselves, but also the hand being an extension of the heart space, and the conduit for the Reiki energy.

The blossom is incredible at the moment, I am rather awe struck by it all, the bright whites and the intense pinks, and yet so easy to disregard or overlook in our busy day to day lives. Nick's garden is particularly blessed, not least all the flowers and vegetation but the general energy, it is just so incredibly relaxing and uplifting, so quiet aside from the sounds of nature - the ducks and chickens, the wind rustling through the trees and just the general hum of the land.

We met at Vazon on Saturday evening and while it looked like the sun was going to set behind a bank of cloud, it turned out to be a very worthwhile trip. We tried something new - I was standing on one leg on an upside down plastic beer crate in the rising water! This was no mean feat. In fact it was incredibly difficult.

The crate itself was really painful on my feet, not only the sharp plastic but the fact it is uneven so that it was difficult to get my grounding. Coupled with that the fact that the waves were often breaking against the back of my ankles, plus moving water all around me, cold too! It took me a good few minutes to figure out how I could possibly balance on one leg with all this distraction - in the end I focused every bit of my attention on Nick's red plastic tub further up the beach (my drushti then) and just breathed! Never have I found balancing on one leg quite so challenging!

The great thing about all these photos in nature is the fact I sleep so well, it is clearly a grounding and relaxing experience! Coupled with that the fact I have been swimming in the sea every day this month and getting out on the bike and even running again, well it seems to make a difference to one's overall sense of wellbeing. Long may it last, this time last year was an entirely different story so I am very grateful for all the healing.

A huge thank you to Nick, more of his images can be viewed at, he is an incredible professional photographer.

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