The red full moon!!

Hayley and I went out to Jerbourg to watch the rising moon last night. We couldn't see it for a while and wondered what was going on, and then I caught it out of the corner of my eye, all red and rising, and Hayley literally shrieked with joy - believe me it was well worth a shriek.

Stunning. That's her photo above.

I was having some kind of strange camera thing going on, because here are mine!

Apparently this full moon emphasises the signs of Aries and its opposite sign of Libra. This is 'me' versus 'you' - the relationships axis - which may have been strained over the last month.

This full moon is the third in a series of Super Moons when the Moon is closest to the earth and appears larger. Full Moons bring out emotions and this one has been powerful, lots of fire of action and yet opposition - I have heard it described a little like having one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake pedal.

Thankfully we are set for a change on the 20th, signalling a far steadier and grounded end to the month!

Anyhow Hayley and I were blown away by the experience and I must admit I found it difficult to sleep last night. In fact at 3.30am I decided to go outside and have a peak at it setting...what I wasn't expecting was to see a shooting star. Wow, that was pretty cool!

Thankfully I did go back to sleep but was wired awake at 7am in time for an early morning practice, before meeting Chris at Petit Bot for a high tide swim - absolutely freezing of course but we must have managed at least 7 or so. Such a fabulous way to start the day, certainly woke me up a little.

I then met my cousin Nick and his family for some photos in blue bell woods. Now this was an even more perfect way o start the morning, it is just so peaceful in there, especially before the hoards of walkers descend! Thank you Nick, Karen and the girls, another fun, peaceful and grounding time!

We are so blessed with this weather, it is simply unbelievable. Thank you!!

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