The magic of bluebell woods

I met Nick and his lovely family one morning last week at Bluebell woods to take some photos in the early morning light.

I love the whole area; it just has such a special energy with the sun trickling through the trees and the carpet of bluebells giving the whole area a purpley-bluey glow.

Of course we were very conscious of not trampling on any of the bluebells so we made the most of the little paths in between them. It was a relatively straightforward location for a photo shoot, doesn't get more grounded than that, with bare feet on the earth, surrounded by trees, a very different experience to the one at Vazon!

Fern joined me for a few photos. We happened to be wearing similar coloured tops and I love the fact that she can get involved - maybe one day she will practice Yoga herself.

So another huge thank you to Nick for his creativity and incredible ability to capture the essence and spirit through a camera lens. You can see more of what he does at (and my brother designed his website too!).

Ross DespresComment