Early summer fun!

Wow I can't believe it has been two weeks since I last wrote anything here; how time flies!

Actually it was a period of retreat for me; after spending so much time on my own in Vancouver, and then back to the familiarity of Guernsey, I was craving a bit of silent time to turn inwards and get away from the laptop for a while! Plus of course the weather has been absolutely stunning and encouraged much outdoor living.

It has, of course, caught us all unaware and I am amazed the number of people at Yoga this week who have gardening related aches and pains! Seems as if everyone has been spending time in the garden.

I must admit I have sensed a minor panic in the air, that summer has arrived early and we are all unprepared - garden in a mess, house hasn't yet been spring cleaned, can't find the summer clothes and haven't yet had a chance to buy a new summer wardrobe, let alone sorting out the bike, start pre-summer exercising, cleaning the bbq and finding the time to get to the beach and do a spot of sunbathing!

You have to love it however, longer evenings, beautiful sunsets, and the sheer beauty of the Island at the moment - the trees with all their bright white and pink blossom, the hedgerows coloured with pink, yellow and purple flowers, the wonderful yellow gorse out on the cliffs (Icart especially) and the start of the bluebells as the daffodils sadly die away. Maybe my awareness has shifted but I can not remember the landscape looking so incredibly bright and colourful as it does at the moment, new life everywhere...long may it continue, I love Spring!

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