Cliff walking!

It has been a rather hectic week with all this bank holiday fun so that the days seem to roll into one! Lots of meals with family and friends, lots of gardening and spending time outside, lots of cycling and swimming, and lots of laughter and good fun.

Today my partner and I decided to get away from it all and make the most of the afternoon sunshine. So we cycled out to La Corbiere, locked up our bikes and walked all the way along the cliffs to town.

Of course the cliffs are stunning at the moment, the pink campion is lovely and bright, the bluebells are still out in force and compliment the white of the wild garlic. And then there are lots of large, bright yellow and white daisies, beautiful blue cornflowers, and these fantastic little pink flowers at the side of the path. Plus, I was delighted to see the beginning of the delightful honey suckle!

We were amazed how many people were out on the cliffs this afternoon, mainly visitors, but all the same it was rather incredible. Mind you I am not surprised, as I keep saying to anyone who will listen to me - the cliffs are stunning at the moment. I mean they have probably always been stunning but I have never paid much attention - that's often the trouble when something is on one's doorstep - it is easy to take it fore granted.

It took us about 4 hours, which is pretty good going, although I must admit that we ran up and down some of the steps, especially nearer the end as we kind of got to the point where we just wanted to get the steps over with as quickly as possible as they can be so exhausting! I have to say, at times, walking on the cliffs in Guernsey is not dissimilar to trekking in Nepal with all the ups and downs, we are just spared the altitude and don't get to see he stunning mountain views.

Still the views are always stunning out on the cliffs. Today the sea was looking so enticing, a bright, bright blue and clear enough to see the rocks below. There were moments where we wished we had brought our bathers with us, especially as the tide was rising!

We took the bus back home from town, which was rather a novelty, and collected our bikes from la Corbiere. I then managed a quick dip in the cold sea to ease my aching muscles and enjoyed a relaxing bath to warm myself up afterwards!

I really enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding yesterday, they really seem to love one another and I love the fact they kept it as real as they could - the maple trees were great, so were the looks they kept sharing with one another. I am keen to ignore the cynics and am happy to go along with this being a real fairy tale!

It is like they say - we always get what we pray for, just not always in the way we expect it! So keep praying, fairy tales do exist and dreams do come true.

Ross DespresComment