Spring Sunday

Another glorious day! Okay so we lost an hour in time but we have gained an extra hour of light in the evening, and with this current weather, this is simply perfect.

I taught a class, which explored the chakras this morning. It was a really well attended class, everyone who booked a place remembered the time change, which I must admit I wasn't expecting, so a huge thank you for your interest and commitment - great group energy! I do love the chakras and the fact that we have the opportunity to explore and experience them through our Yoga practice - yet alone help to energise and balance them, and thus helping to tranform us in the process.

After class I got to potter at home, I do love pottering, cleaning (a fantastic way to shift energy), washing, all that wonderful root chakra stuff, and then a walk with my parents through the lanes of St Andrews and St Martins and down to Petit Bot and along the cliffs - stunning, what with the bright sunshine and the daffodils, bluebells, buttercups and violets lining the cliff paths, let alone the swell and waves breaking on the bright granite rocks below, and not another soul about (well human soul in any event!). We have the solar plexus, heart and third eye chakras shining their colours!

We then entertained my parents to dinner...a first, a red Thai currey and my first attempt at Pad Thai...all went well, phew!! And how lovely to have that extra hour of sunlight. It really is a beautiful Spring over here at the moment.

Happy times - with non attachment of course (apparently the weather is due to change this week).

Ross DespresComment