Spring is here!!

What a stunning few days. Yesterday I was fortunate to get out and about around the Island, and took the opportunity to visit Tara at Wild Guernsey - wow, how stunning is the setting for their wonderful project.

Essentially Wild Guernsey is a growing educational and sustainable agricultural land project, run by Tara and D’Arcy. They are living a low-impact lifestyle adopting a land-based, simple, localised lifestyle that works with the land and with natural cycles. They want to re-connect to the land & share this knowledge with those who wish to join them (see http://wildguernsey.wordpress.com/ for more.

I am truly inspired by what they are creating, plus of course their approach to living generally. It resonates hugely with me and I hope that we get the opportunity to run a few land-based Yoga classes up there one day. You can't help but smile when you meet the ducks and they have this incredible Turkish Oak tree, perfect for sitting under and meditating. Magical.

I also took the opportunity to walk around Pleinmont and visit the fairy ring with my partner - we were out for just over an hour and only saw one other person walking with her two dogs - this is pretty cool on such a small Island. To say the area is stunning is actually an understatement, the flowers are so colourful and beautiful at the moment, they make me smile, and bar the sound of the aeroplanes, all we could hear was the sea and the seagulls and other birds singing. Magic.

Simply driving around the Island is sensory overload at the moment, I have never seen so many daffodils and primroses, and there are beautiful pink and purple flwers too so that it can feel like we are in some wonderland, a little like Charlie andthe Chocolate Factory, just that this is real!

We managed another dip in the sea on Sunday evening, sunset at Vazon, very, very cold, but well worth any initial discomfort and with the tides being so high it would be a shame to miss the opportunity!

It seems Spring has officially arrived with the equinox on Sunday - hoorah - a time to give birth to new ideas and an opportunity for new beginnings too. I love it!

Om Shanti x
Ross DespresComment