Vancouver Island!

Well I have only been here in Canada for 5 nights but it feels much longer as it has been so relaxing.

I am having a blast - as they would say out here! After a night at a hotel near the airport, I took the ferry over to Vancouver Island, an hour and a half journey from Vancouver itself, to meet my best friend Sami, and her 10 month old daughter Rosie, and her partner Derek.

I have been sleeping lots and lots - I had not realised how busy and hectic life had become back home and how inherently tired I have been these past few weeks. I have also read a couple of books, which is such a treat, as I love reading but never seem to have time to indulge back home.

We have been out walking along the beautiful Gorge and into downtown Victoria (the capital of Vancouver Island), plus of course shopping at a mall. There has been a lot of playing too, Rosie is simply delightful, there is no other word for it, and such a joy to be around, she has such a wonderful temperament, lots of smiles, giggles and chatter.

Sami and I met a few of her friends for dinner at this super lovely restaurant last night with yummy healthy food - there is certainly the choice for lots of healthy food out here, I love going to the supermarket and just looking at all the organic choice,even if it does all seem very expensive to me right now. We chatted and laughed lots and I feel like I have made new and inspiring friends, always a joy.

Sami, Derek and I are off to Mount Washington, a 3.5 hour drive up Island today to go skiing for the weekend. I can't wait - not only is this an unfulfilled ambition but I simply adore the mountains. HOORAH!!

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