Off to Vancouver to indulge in Yoga

I am off to London on Sunday and Canada on Monday and I am so excited. I am spending the first week on Vancouver Island staying with my best friend, Sam, and her lovely little girl, Rosie (plus Derek may I add), where we are booked to go off skiing for a weekend - this will be my first attempt at skiing and is even more exciting as it will be my first time and it has been an ambition for a long, long time.

Then I spend almost 3 weeks in Vancouver on my own undertaking a Level 1 and 2 Yoga therapy course with Phoenix Rising, who have been leading the way with Yoga therapy training for many years. I am flying back via New York so I can have the opportunity to check out some New York Yoga studios and enjoy some classes, New York style.

I was in Vancouver in June 2009 and had such a fantastic time with my friend Hayley, before visiting Sam. There is so much Yoga in Vancouver and lots of lovely health food shops and salad bars and I can't wait to really embrace it all this time.

It's a new moon this Thursday, so yet more new beginnings - quite a relief after the intense - and rather unsettling - energy of the recent full moon.

Happy times.

Ross DespresComment