New Year in London

I have been having a great time in London staying with Hayley. We have been to Coven Garden where I took great delight in visiting Cotswolds and investing in some walking shoes and a trekking magazine...all good intentions for the New Year!

Every day I have walked half an hour or so from Hayley's to TriYoga at Primrose Hill and it has been so refreshing to be able to attend a variety of different classes - I particularly enjoyed Claire's Scaravelli-inspired class, it certainly helped to release my lower back.

New Year's Eve and we celebrated with Hayley's housemates and a few of their friends at Hayley's flat. It was a lovely evening, not quite the same without Ewan here, but there you go, sometimes life is what it is and we have to simply accept, let go and breathe.

Hayley and I managed to do our own burning bowl ceremony, sitting on the front steps beside a busy road, setting fire to our pieces of paper for the letting go aspect of the ceremony in a was really rather funny. We then set our intentions for the New Year and get to read the letter again on New year's Eve next December!.

I joined a New Year's Day Yoga course with Louise Grimes and about 40 other students today! Louise is a fantastic teacher, really experienced and compassionate and she led us through a beautiful practice with an emphasis on letting go and twisting it out. It was the perfect way to begin the New Year especially as we took a sankalpa, which I am going to work with throughout the year.

So all in all a great start to the new year...they say that the attitude we adopt today, sets the tone for the whole year.

I hope everyone has had a lovely start to 2011 and there will be much joy and contentment and relaxation ahead!

Ross DespresComment