Nature's destruction and prayer

What a week. It would be inappropriate to waffle on about what has happened in my life when that energy could be better used sending a prayer and thought to all the millions of people who are suffering as a result of nature's unpredictable and powerful nature.

So instead, if you are reading this, perhaps send a prayer to those thousands in Brisbane, and yet more thousands in South America and the millions in Sri Lanka who have all lost homes - and indeed friends and family - from all the water that has fallen to earth.

Maybe we really should start paying more attention to our actions. Slow our way of living, live more in touch and from the earth and in harmony with our fellow human beings and indeed nature. And it starts with us, each and every one of us.

Sleep well, pray with hope, and listen quietly to the self.

And for those in Guernsey who knew Jamie Whalley, the spare a thought for his parents, sister, friends and extended family.

Love to one and all - for all we can offer is love, surely.


Ross DespresComment