Full moon delight!

Wow, what a full moon day!

I was very fortunate (thank you Universe) to start my day teaching an 8am Yoga session at someones house with stunning views over Pleinmont, Rocquaine and Lihou Island, (my favourite part of the island something to do with the Wicca energy perhaps!) so we practised while seeing the light of the rising sun reflecting off the clouds, lots of pinks and oranges, with the lovely sea below.

I was also fortunate to have time in the afternoon to take a walk out at Pleinmont on my own and visit the fairy ring and optimise the full moon energy with my own little celebration until I was joined by a young family on their walk, who must have thought me most weird with my pendulum spinning around! Strangest thing too, a helicopter landing on the Hanois lighthouse - I have never seen that in all my years of living on Guernsey, very surreal!

Beautiful afternoon of walking through the Pleinmont pine forest all on my own, listening to Deva Premal's new album, which is simply sublime, what an inspired and enlightened soul...

"lokah Samasta
Sukhino bhavantu
om shanti, shanti, shanti"

(May all beings be happy, and may all thoughts, words and deeds contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings).

I have been chanting this endlessly and feeling rather uplifted by the potential of life. There is a lot to be said about the energy of chanting such Sanskrit chants.

I popped to Vazon for a moment of quiet time, sitting on the steps watching a lone surfer in the waves, and I am sure he felt the same joy as we witnessed the moon rising beyond La Grande Mare hotel...WOW. I took a few photos and drove to Yoga rather jubilant, wondering if all the other drivers had noticed this incredible - totally incredible - play of nature. Insane.

I was out for dinner in the evening otherwise I would have been tempted by another trip to the fairy ring but decided I can wait until summer - the question is, am I, and other moon and Wicca lovers, liberated enough to really take our clothes off and get wired dancing around the fairy ring...I am putting it out there girlies!!

I missed the moon setting this morning, I didn't even think, I was up and everything, but sat in relative stillness instead...hoorah, the energy has grounded, because that was a full on full moon and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Happy letting goes and new beginnings - and hopefully those with bad backs this last week will feel them improving now!

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