Cosmic dancing at the fairy ring

Sam and I managed a walk out to the fairy ring and around Pleinmont headland yesterday, very grounding, what with all the trees and views of the incredibly rough sea. This has to be one of my favourite spots on the Island and even better when there is hardly anyone else out and about. We took the opportunity to take some photos - Devika would like one of me in cosmic dancer for the Trust's logo.

We were thinking about a swim in the sea but settled on the Grande Mare instead due to the fact we didn't have towels - I am keen to get back in however, Chris says it is about 8 degrees at the moment, so it won't be easy necessarily but another grounding and indeed cleansing experience, especially as I have been teaching quite a lot of different people recently, and I believe we all exchange energy somehow.

I visited my friend, Sue, for tarot card readings in the afternoon, before cleaning the house and preparing some food for an evening with the girls - Hayley, Christine, Sheila, Sam and Sarah, all came along, so much fun, Deva Premal in the background, lovely healthy food, all of us contributing something, angel cards and the i ching and chatter about Yoga, life, and giving birth!

So all in all a great day. I am very lucky to live on Guernsey and to have so many great friends and earth angels - blessed, especially when you consider all the destruction going on around the world. Thank you.

Ross DespresComment