Travelling to Nepal

I am in London staying with Hayley, I am so pleased I changed my flights to leave Guernsey on Monday and join Ewan rather than leaving today, because I would now be sat at home feeling most upset that I would be missing my flight to Nepal tonight with all flights to Gatwick cancelled!

Here in London it snowed a little yesterday but today it is just really very cold. Great for me - thank you Universe, I am indeed most grateful - as means I should have very little problem getting to Heathrow (positive thinking) and before I know it I will be joining Ewan in sunny Kathmandu. Actually it won't be sunny as it will be night time, but it should be much warmer than here. By my calculations, Ewan should have arrived by now,lucky thing!

I hope the snow is not too bad the next few days. Hayley and I have been watching the news and seeing how ridiculously covered they are South and indeed North of here. Clearly nature is really trying to get our attention and create as much disruption as possible this year, what with snow in January and the ash clouds during the summer. It just goes to show who is in control...

Anyhow I hope to be safely in Nepal when I send my next update.

Ross DespresComment