Herm walking

I am awake really early these days, and I am still coming to terms with the fact it doesn't get light until after 8. It was noticeably warmer, quite incredible how quickly it changes these days.

So after a practice, I went for swim in the sea at Petit Bot on my own. Well I say a swim but this time it was a dip, the tide was high and the sea was rough and while there was someone else on the beach, I didn't feel comfortable staying in long - but it was remarkably painless, I honestly don't feel the sea temperature is too bad at the moment.

At lunchtime Mum and I went over to Herm for a walk around the Island - nothing like blowing away the cobwebs. It was so lovely to be over there without many other people around so that we could enjoy the Island's natural beauty on our own. It really is a stunning place. We walked around the cliffs and then sat at shell beach to eat out lunch and then carried on around to the shop to invest in yet more crystals - one of the cheapest places I have found to buy them.

Another quiet and peaceful night on my own in front of the fire with the cat and an early night in preparation for the red eye this morning. New Year in London with H and an opportunity for Yoga at TriYoga, lucky me, this has certainly been a year of travel even if most of it has been this side of the world (well aside from RSA I guess), let's hope for even more next year (and keep planting trees!) - thank you Univere.

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