Cloudy day and out on the bike again

I am exhausted today. All that trekking up steep hills (let alone down the hill) plus the walk to Dumre and yet another bumpy bus ride and my body is tired and aching.

So we got to early morning yoga - obviously - although only Devika is there today and no electricity so she is meditating so I lead a practise for Ewan and I.

Usual thing, breakfast in the sun to warm up, more shopping (almost all shopping done now!) before buying cakes for the women at the Project and spending some time sitting with them and trying on yet more products.

Devika lends us her motorbike again the afternoon and this time we head out along the Lake to Bijay's village before heading out past the airport and up to rush hour in the old town, which is madness but incredibly good fun. Ewan has got well into the whole biking thing now and I must admit that i quite enjoy it too.

We go for dinner and then met Monie for a drink in the Busy Bee (her local) where the usual loud Nepali band is playing and there is a fire burning for people to huddle around as a lot of the cafes and bars are open fronted or literally outdoor like this one. We meet two of the owners of the Last Resort which hosts Nepal's only bungee jump and this makes for interesting - do something different with your life - type chatter.

Another early night, quite a lovely routine wehave adopted here.
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