Bahrain and Heathrow nightmare

So I left Kathmandu at 7.35pm Nepali time and arrived into Bahrain about 10ish, only to discover that my onward flight had been delayed from 01.55am to 10am the next morning so that was one long night in the airport.

Thankfully I have my laptop with me so I was able to simply sit and catch up on my blog in between wandering around and drinking tea. Oh and I did manage an early morning Yoga practice in a quiet area of the airport with nobody else watching, that is a first for me!

We did get to board the flight but then sat on the runway for 5 hours, having to get off to identify our bag (apparently the only reason our flight did not leave was due to the fact we had one extra bag on board, well done Gulf Airways!) before they finally told us we would not be getting a slot at Heathrow plus the crew would need to chnage before we left now in any event...

So we got to leave the terminal building and go through immigration and everything. Thanfully I befriended a British guy who lives in Oz and was on my flight from Kathmandu having just trekked up to Everest Base Camp so that lessened the tediousness of going through the whole "leaving the airport" situation.

Still on a positive this is the first time I have been to Bahrain, ort got out of the airport at any Middle Eastern country. On the bus on the way to the hotel (without our bags of course), this guy was going on about how he never in a million years had any intention of being here now in Bahrain and it dawned on me how funny this world that really you cannot predict anything and you simply have to go with the flow...we think we can somehow control nature but nature always wins.

Anyhow the hotel was a highlight, a large room all to myself with a television and hot water, luxury after the accommodation In Nepal the last few weeks. Plus we got to eat lovely food - fresh humous and salad, just what I needed after living on airline food the last day or so (yuck!). And finally after 27 hours of not sleeping, I got to lay down and snuggle up in bed.

Who would have thought it huh!
Ross DespresComment