Winter wonderland

Wow, I couldn't believe it when I woke up yesterday morning to open the blinds and find a white world outside. All rather exciting especially as there was not any ice, which meant I could still get out in the car and fulfill my teaching commitments.

It is all melting here today unlike Edinburgh where they are experiencing snow storms. The skies are incredible here, not sure if it is a change of light, but the clouds are rather mesmerising.

I am off to London tomorrow to meet Ewan before he flies out to Nepal on Tuesday and me on Wednesday. I am so excited, especially as I get to see Ewan again. I am now living on my own, which was strange initially, but now I am into the flow of it again - complete peace and quiet and a tidy environment! Mind you cooking for oneself is not so much fun and I have enjoyed having friends around the last two nights so I can cook for someone else too!

I am getting proficient at lighting the fire, which does seem a waste when it is only me here, but all the same it is really rather warming on these cold and dark winter evenings. The cat doesn't seem that fussed, in fact I believe she is missing Ewan as she does not visit so much.

Anyhow time to go and practice. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I hope to be in touch from Nepal if we get the chance.
Ross DespresComment