The moon and sun at the fairy ring!

I felt particularly grateful and fortunate for my life on Monday when I was able to meet my friend Sarah after work for an afternoon walk out at Pleinmont.

In complete contrast to the weather a few days earlier, Monday was stunning - admittedly a little colder than it has been, but bright sunshine and that wonderful Autumn light as the sun drops down towards the horizon.

We walked out to the fairy ring and sat and chatted on the bench with views of the Hanois in one direction and Lihou in the other, the sun warming our faces and the smell of the sea filling the air.

We managed a walk around the fairy ring and I was delighted to notice the moon rising ahead of us as the sun was setting to the other side of us (check out the moon in the photo). How magical. not so however was the collection of empty beer cans and bottles littering the fairy ring, nor the 3 bags of dog poo we passed on the way back to the car...surely it doesn't take too much energy to carry these with you to the nearest bin (of which there is an absence, bins that is, I will admit, but still no excuse surely).

Back near the kiosk we stood and watched a small fishing boat coming into shore, the sea gulls flying past doing their usual thing and reminding me again of the flow to life and the going with approach, which certainly makes ever thing smoother and more joyful somehow.

So thank you Sarah for a lovely walk, and thank you to Ewan for going with the flow and joining me for a warming steam and energising swim at the Grande Mare before a drink in the lovely cosy Fleur.

Ross DespresComment