How times change

Another poem I wrote a while ago:

And in the darkness
of the night, my
heart yearned for
eager flight.
Rise up my love,
It calls to me,
Go far, be strong,
and all will be.

But in the moment
of the timeless
void, where all is
still, the world
is silent, I sit
and ponder the
path before me.
there are no
signs I can see.

Thankfully that was over a month ago. I credit a combination of the Reiki, acupunture and homeopathy (see my friends) to help me to see the light.

After a few months of feeling under par, I am feeling empowered and clear again with my future plans. It is all about accepting who you are, even if that is totally outside of the box. I love it. When you reach that level of acceptance and appreciate the clarity again.

Ross DespresComment