Edinburgh and onwards

I have just spent a wonderful extended weekend in Edinburgh, staying with my friend Rachel and visiting her sister and my best friend Lou, who has recently given birth to the lovely Matilda. Great also to spend time with Lou's 17 month old son, Ronan, her husband Dave and also her sister, Sarah, and my surrogate parents, Barry and Carol - thank you all for a lovely time and many a nice meal.

Rach was incredibly hospitable and accommodating and as well as cooking me meals and making sure I felt totally at home in her own home, she also took me to the Scottish parliament building where we had a look at the debating chamber as well as walking around the bottom of Arthur's seat and along the Royal Mile to the Castle and around town. We even managed a walk by the sea with incredible sunset views and some mad tree stump. I was there for full moon too, what better place than Scotland with all its Wicca history!

Edinburgh is a stunning city, admittedly cold, dark and rather wet at this time of year, but full of lovely people and some great angel/crystal/alternative type shops!! I didn't manage a Yoga class this time, although poor Rach was rather patient with me practising each morning before we went out!

Back here in Guernsey it has been a strange week. One of my neighbours died at a young age and I have seen a rainbow from the house each day (thank you). Ewan left the Island today for his world travels until March. KIt is kind of strange being in the house on my own although the cat from next door seems to have moved in (not sure this is ideal, I mean ideal for me and company but not ideal when I am off on Monday and perhaps the neighbours miss her being in their own home - mind you someone said to me that cats will always go where they want to go...) so I am not totally on my own...and yet when are we ever on our own!

It is strange huh, I have lived on my own and travelled on my own many months at a time, but all of a sudden being on your own, through no choice of your own, is kind of weird. Silence. Which is great to be honest, but takes a bit of getting used to. Plus of course now there is no one else to cook for, which is a shame as I love cooking! Still the Universe does what it does and we adapt as we do. Life goes on, it transforms and with it so do we.

I have managed to light the fire all on my own and the house is certainly clean and tidy and with all the washing done! I have the whole weekend ahead filled with friends, Yoga and fun...plus packing as I am off to London on Monday to meet Ewan before he flies out on his birthday on Tuesday. I fly out on Wednesday to meet him in Nepal, novel for me someone being there to meet me the other side. Hoorah, I can't wait, I am so excited about the Nepali energy and trying to learn a bit more of the lingo, plus catching up with Devika and all my friends out there.

I hope everyone is looking after themselves, enjoying their quiet time and yet enjoying the company of others.

I am hoping for a swim in the sea before I go and with snow on its way, it will surely be warmer in the sea than in the open air!

Lots of love

Ross DespresComment