Weather for ducks and windsurfers

Well it looks like the wet autumnal weather has arrived...such a shame as it was so lovely yesterday. Oh well, the ducks will be pleased.

Ross left yesterday, which was all a little sad as I am not quite sure when I will see him again. Thankfully I was teaching in the morning, which was a good distraction, and it was lovely to see so many old faces returning to their mats (not old in age, old in so much as I have not seen them for a while), especially Tara who is looking radiant with pregnancy and also Lucy and Matt who are back on the Island after the first stage of their travels.

After Yoga I met Chris at Petit Bot and we actually managed a proper swim, like for at least 5 minutes and quite deep, I was very impressed, makes so much difference going swimming with a girlfriend as you can chat and you soon become numb to the temperature of the has to be good for you, in fact I have been reading all about it in this fabulous book, "Cellular Awakening", hot and cold baths and showers, all part of the detoxification and healing process.

I had acupuncture again yesterday with Andre. I can highly recommend this form of treatment to anyone who wants to heal and experience a little bit more energy, I just feel it has so many benefits and Andre certainly knows his stuff. It is a fab way to simply chill out.

The cat has been a frequent visitor these last few days, I wish we knew her name, she is lovely, I am totally hooked, she is rather entertaining, I just love her white whiskers and black nose. I think Ewan has developed a soft spot for her too!


P.s just got back from a swim at Vazon, well more so a dip (known as the tea bag in the sea swimming circles, in and out), it is fairly miserable out there but great waves and wind for the windsurfers, at least some can be happy about this weather!
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