Ramblings of relative creativity

I wrote some poems at the beach yesterday morning, and when I read them this evening I realised that my brother leaving affected me more than I realised and I am thankful to him for encouraging a creative release:-

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time
There I was
golden and bright
But then the light
went out and my
heart wept
With sorrow.
I can hear the
reminding me
of who I am
and the urge to
be free.
Free from what,
your heart demands. For
it knows only love and with
that, abandonment.
Maybe one day
soon, the light will
shine again,
and I'll hear
the whispers
beyond the pain.
Love is blind,
love is cruel,
but what
else can the
heart to do?

Night time mood

And in the darkness
of the night, my
heart yearned for
eager flight.
Rise up my love,
it calls to me,
go far, be strong,
and all will be.

But in the moment
of the timeless
void, where all is
still and the world
is silent, I sit
and ponder the
path before me.
There are no
signs that I can see.

After my Reiki, swim, teaching and lovely facial (all those healing hands today and I swear that during the Reiki treatment this morning there were more hands on me than simply Sylvia's...seriously, there is no longer any doubt...Ewan may disagree!) and then a few hours hanging out with Vicki (thank you angel, the cards were totally spot on by the way, and it was great to see you again, have a girly night and watch some dancing!) and I feel clearer and, dare I say stronger, perhaps it is because we are now building up towards a new moon.

I am looking forward to the new moon, perhaps not its heightened energy, but the potential healing and new beginnings it facilitates. Healing can never happen without our involvement, there is no doubt, you cannot expect to heal unless you let go of the past, be that yours or a previous generation. And that is not always easy, it is embedded on every level, and how we access it is different for everyone. But we need to dig deep and follow the heart, it will lead us - call it whatever you like, the Holy Spirit, the grace, the angels, the Universe - but it is only accessible within us. All any of us, as healers, or helpers, can do, is facilitate the process but the work and responsibility rests with us alone.

As Dr Usui said at some point, you have to literally take your healing and wellbeing into your own two hands. You.

So we'll get there, I am getting there, I feel it and I am excited by it. Which is a relief.

I am eternally grateful to Primrose and homeopathy for everything. I was sorting all may articles today and came across stuff I wrote about life 5 years ago and I am simply amazed how much transformation and thus change, has taken place. There is always somewhere to go, but the point is to accept the present moment and be self-compassionate and accepting in the process. I am quite sure that illness presents itself to remind us of this. And let's face it, ignore it at your peril, I am not sure it is the last resort but it is a very obvious wake up call. And usually the signals have been there the whole time.

So humility and graciousness, love, light, peace and happiness.

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