Half term fun

Ewan's best friend, Nige, and his three teenage children have been staying with us for the last 5 days, which has been so much fun - the house has certainly been more alive than usual!

On Sunday we went for a walk at Moulin Huett with Ewan's Mum. I haven't been to this beach in many years and I have to say that I had forgotten how stunning it is, quite incredible really, I will certainly be visiting more frequently now.

While Nige and Ewan went off doing boys things, I took the children out to the Fairy Cave at Lihou, I love this place, it has a certain energy about it, the children certainly seemed rather fascinated. We then went and did the obligatory trip to the Little Chapel - again quite incredible really, and I have to say that that valley with its lush green grass and beautiful Guernsey cows is one of my favourite on this Island.

It has been rather fascinating having the children to stay as I had forgotten how much noise and mess they can make. Admittedly a lot of time was spent watching the box set of Gavin and Stacey as the weather was not always great and they were on their half term relax - out, but that aside I have never seen so many towels in the washing basket, let alone done so much washing up.

They left on the boat last night and I returned home from Yoga to find an empty and incredibly quiet house and while the novelty was fantastic (I had not realised how much I love my space and peace), I was soon missing the energy of the children, there is something rather beautiful about their present moment and upbeat existence...we can learn a lot from them actually.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their half term.

Ross DespresComment