A weekend in the UK and a fresh perspective

Ewan and I have just returned from a weekend in the UK visiting friends in London and Brighton.

As always it was good to get away, as much as I love Guernsey the energy can be stifling at times and there is a sense of freedom which one feels when landing in Gatwick and being anonymous for a change!

Ewan and I spent some time wandering in London and took the bus so we could gain a better idea of how everything fits together, it is easy to lose all concept on the underground. We also walked through Regents Park and along the Canal to Camden...as well as visiting London Zoo. I must admit it was Ewan's choice and I was reluctant, caged animals are not my thing, but I do appreciate the conservation work they zoo are doing and I must admit seeing a Tiger moving and up close too was quite a highlight and made me realise how much joy one can feel by simply watching animals do their thing (as much as they can caged in a zoo of course!).

The weather in Brighton was glorious and the sea front rather busy but still a lovely place to enjoy the mini Indian summer! Ewan and I wandered around the lanes and came across a few alternative shops, I just love them, all those books on esoteric subjects, the smell of incense and all the angel paraphernalia and spiritual stuff, it is just great, I could spend days in one of those places just absorbing the energy and pottering around, a bit like a child in a sweet shop I guess.

I saw a naturopath on our last morning and she used one of those machines to read your vibrational energy and discover what is out of balance. It is a fascinating device and really does help you to make sense of what is going on as often there is stuff which can go undetected in other tests an diagnoses. So it seems I no longer have a virus and am no longer sick...so I am very happy and strangely am feeling much more energised and myself again. I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Thank you to everyone who made the weekend so much fun and enlightening...the focus is returning!