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Well we managed a swim at Petit Bot yesterday morning in the rain and the wind, we felt rather proud of ourselves as it was not easy!! By the afternoon the weather had eased, a few showers, but the sun was shining so we headed out to the fairy ring, it was full moon day after all, and did the usual circuit and made a few wishes (I have decided it is okay to make a few wishes without appearing too greedy!.

In the evening the full moon was shining brightly and I left all my crystals outside over night to absorb the moon's energy...this morning they were really shining, it is quite incredible. I stood and honoured the Goddess and also did my own little letting go burning bowl ceremony - it never ceases to amaze me how much there is to let go.

Today I managed another swim, down at Richmond this time, before joining Jenny KT on BBC Radio Guernsey for a 30 minute slot on her morning radio show. This was fun, Jenny is great, she had some dowsing rods in the studio that someone had given her and she was completely blown away by them. I was on the show to promote the Be inspired Yoga and Wellbeing retreat in November and she got me chanting on live radio with her colleague, "Om" and "Om Mani Padme Hum", which was a touch embarrassing and I do wonder what the listeners must have thought! Not sure whether that will have encouraged them to attend the retreat or stay far away!

I have so many dreams for Yoga on this Island yet there is so many other activities on offer over here and people are so stressed and busy that I do wonder if there will ever be enough interest to establish a dedicated Yoga and Holistic centre as much I know it would benefit the local population and visitors too. It just seems at the moment as if the spiritual bods are starting to leave, maybe this is all in preparation for 2012 and getting people where they need to be, but it does make me wonder what will happen to the Island if it is depleted of its spiritually-orientated population, the whole vibration will become even more material perhaps.

Who knows. All i do know is there is major change in the air, for many people, s much as there is for the world itself, what with the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field - scientists have surmised that this is a sign that the magnetic poles are likely to reverse in the near future, as they have done many times before. Just imagine the influence that is having on how we feel!!

Also it is said that the Earth's speed of vibration, its resonance is meant to be increasing too so the planet is literally speeding up - I must admit I often feel as if time is speeding up, especially over here, what with all the cars and the planes moving so fast around us.

And then we are apparently seeing an increase in photon activity and we are about to enter what is called the "photon belt", a ring of photons. This is the first time our solar system will enter it for 11,000 years. Evidently entering the photon belt marks the dawn of a new era lasting approximately 2,100 years when we are bathed in a greater number of photons - in the past such times of high photon activity have coincided with great leaps forward in our thinking and development and we are already living in another time of dramatic progress and development, spiritually and intellectually.

So I guess this is all for the greater good. More free and expansive thought, new paradigms in the spiritual and scientific world, bringing them together as much as anything else, and then the increase in vibration and the higher states of awareness this potentially creates. It could be an exciting few years and I really do feel as if people are being called to prepare.

Anyhow back to today. I received acupuncture from Andre Sidaner, it was very relaxing, which seems a little bit weird when you think you have needles stuck in you, but really you can't feel them, and all I felt like doing was drifting into that no sleep space! I am hoping i sleep as well tonight and my chi is flowing to feel truly energised tomorrow. See, there is just so much potential in this world, just got to be open to it and sit still.

A poem:-

A Poem

Sweep Out The Stable

Be Watchful – the grace of God appears suddenly.
It comes without warning to an open heart.

Sweep out the stable of your existence
And the King will gladly enter.


Have a great weekend.

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