September sunsets and swimming

On Monday evening Ewan and I sat down on this little beach near Richmond corner to watch the sun set to the right of Lihou. It is a great spot, aside from the odd dog walker on the top of the peninsula, it is generally really quiet, aside from the bird life, which is in abundance fact it was ducks that night, lots of ducks bobbing around on the sea!

Tuesday morning and Ewan was awake really early and he managed to talk me into an early morning swim at Petit Bot. We were rather amazed to find two people already swimming although they were coming out as we were going in so we didn't feel too embarrassed only staying in for a short while! I do love this swimming in the sea, I am sure it is good for you, healing, all that salt, I tend to do neti in there too, you know the whole snorting sea water to clear the nasal passages and the third eye centre, seems much more natural than using a neti pot somehow.

I went for Reiki with Sylvia yesterday. This was fab, I do so love receiving Reiki especially when my energy is depleted. It seems I have still not learnt how to protect myself, what with all the different energies we encounter, especially when we work with energy. So this is clearly an ongoing process for me as I am sure it is for others too - should really be part of our daily routine, like cleaning your teeth and taking a shower, just taking a few moments to visualise yourself surrounded by a protective light or shield, or simply asking for protection from the Universe.

I have had quite a few enquiries for the Yoga & Wellbeing weekend and am looking forward to that very much indeed. Herm is such an incredible place to get away from it all and re-charge one's batteries, plus it is always lovely to spend time with like minded souls. On that note it is great to be teaching again, my style has changed and it is great to share that with some familiar and also new faces. It was particularly lovely to have both Ross and Star in class yesterday and for the moon to be rising as we ended.

And what an incredible moon. It is full moon tomorrow night so time to start considering all the things you want to let go of...ready to let them go under the light and indeed energy of the moon. Time to cleanse those crystals too. the weather isn't meant to be that great, which is a shame, as I fancied a bit of a dance around the fairy ring!

Love and light

Ross DespresComment