Red arrows up high!

We went to watch the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain on Thursday from Ewan's Mum's rooftop. We have decided it is one of the best and indeed highest points in St Peter Port to watch such a display. And it while it is scary up there it is great!

I am of course totally ungrateful, not intentional as such, more so that I am rather bored by the whole experience, I have seen it so many times before - but I do respect the whole point of it of coure; my grandfather was one of the military police who stood on the Normandy beaches with a white arm band (how much of a bait was that, and indeed how brave) directing the troops onto the beach (thank you Papa).

For two days the skies over Guernsey (and we live near the airport) were rather heavy with the sound of aeroplanes and then finally the display, which was loud and drawn out. The red arrows were the highlight. Although actually the highlight was just being up high.

I have lived a strange week. That workshop last weekend ws profound in its effect and while Bo says not to analyse one's releases, I can't help but do that as I am fascinated by it all.

I admit it. I am my own research centre as are my students from time to time. I am fascinated by the relationship between body, mind and soul and the ability of people (on all levels) to heal.

Still, after a few turbulent days, the clarity has returned and I cannot wait to get back to Nepal in December to pick up where I left off over 18 months ago.

As for the red arrows, how incredible the speed of our modern life.

Thank you to all my friend's who have listened to me this week, I know it is hard work, but we all get there one day - and without you, it would be a whole lot moe complicated!!

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