The Guernsey cow!

I love cows, especially Guernsey cows. I must admit that I never paid much attention to cows until i first visited Nepal and was astounded to find them wandering around the middle of busy roads eating litter, or lying at the sides of the roads eating scarps left out by local people. You see out there the cow is held in high regard, if you kill a cow you end up in prison. So they just wander around. Great.

Over here the nearest you will come to finding a cow on the road is when they are being shepherded across one to go for milking. Instead they tend to be grazing or lying in green fields, and one of my most favourite views is driving to the Yoga centre past the little chapel with cows grazing in the valley there – you can’t help but notice the lovely contrast of the green meadow and their golden-brown and white coats.

I could spend hours staring at cows. There is something about their warmth, generosity, sense of peaceful contemplation and often dream-like state that fascinates me. I am weird. I know. My friends find it hilarious. Cows are curious creatures so the best way to get to know them is to be still and let them come to you.

They may be wary so be patient (see, they teach us patience!). Be relaxed and talk quietly (if at all). Keep all movements limited and always slow – nothing sudden. Let her sniff you. It is a great honour if she licks your hand but if you reach out your hand you will cause alarm – her eye is designed to be aware of approaching predators and an approaching hand could be mistaken for a predator.

Be especially respectful around cows with calves as the mother will be extra protective of her young. When you leave, walk, don’t run.

So go and enjoy the cow – call it cow meditation because watching them you won’t be thinking about much else and you may leaving feeling rather awe-struck and uplifted (or perhaps I really am mad?!).
Ross DespresComment