Abundant August garden

Slipping down the stairs seemed to bring me back to earth a little and I finally managed to make a few decisions and get a few things off my chest...funny how we bottle things up without even realising it.

Ewan and I hosted our first bbq a week ago last Friday - no mean feat, we ended up with a guest list in excess of 35 - rather daunting considering we have only ever catered for 3 in the past, nothing like throwing ourselves in at the deep end!

So while Ewan ran around spending every spare moment trying to finish off jobs in the garden (well done lovely, looks much better now), I spent time liaising with the catering Guru, my wonderful Mum Jill, and endlessly shopping (or so it felt!) for supplies, plus of course getting the house prepared for the event.

On the actual evening Mum thankfully took control of the kitchen while super bbq-ers, my Dad Ron and brother Ross, took control of the 2 bbqs. We had tons of food, lots of meat for the meat eaters and lots of fish, salads and veggies for everyone else, plus of course lots of deserts (thank you Jo) so no one left hungry, all good stuff.

Needless to say we were all a little tired the next day, it is incredible how exhausting it can be entertaining others, plus of course clearing up afterwards. My poor parents and Ross had to do it all over again on Sunday with a bqq at my parents' house with all of Ross' friends - another great day, so much fun to see everyone especially Sam and Rosie all the way from Canada.

Ewan went to France on the Sunday to help Tessa and Carl set up some compost toilets for Tessa's party at the end of the month. I was hoping to retreat by myself for a few days but I have been busier than ever...makes me realise that I have still not learnt the art of saying no and honouring my own needs for quiet times and silence (never underestimate the healing power of silence) to really rest and allow the healing - trouble is when you look well, people forget that stuff is going on inside.

Still all good fun, I covered a Yoga class for Vicki last Monday night and was delighted to feel energised afterwards, I have done some much needed weeding in the garden which I find grounding - active meditation, I have practised Yoga both on my own and in class (thanks Sheila, loving the classes), walked along the cliffs and down to La Jaonnet with Sam and managed a swim across the bay (we resisted the nudest sunbathing like everyone else down there), caught up with othr friends and managed a few meals down at Mum and Dad's (thank you Mum and Ross).

I am off to Edinburgh on Thursday to visit my best friend and her baby son, Ronan and I can't wait.

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