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On Thursday Dad and I watched Mark Knopfler at the Royal Albert Hall and were completely blown away by the experience. Unbeknown to me I had managed to book us really good seats so that we were actually able to see Mark and the rest of the band onstage...quite a novelty; Dad and I try to get to a concert together once a year and usually the band players are small dots on the stage, so we were both rather happy.

Not only that but they played about 5 Dire Straits tracks, which received standing ovations every time, and deservedly so, the quality of the music was incredible, never have I seen guitars, the violin, double bass and flute played quite like that...funny how Mark, like Sting has gone a little back to his roots, soulful, passionate, real and incredible humble - came on, played solidly for just over 2 hours and then left, no big drama, got to love it.

Needless I was a little shattered after the experience, sitting and watching quality live music for over 3 hours (when you include Kate Walsh, the lovely warm up act), followed by the hustle and bustle of London really took it out of me!

I stayed on in London to celebrate Hayley's 32nd birthday.

In the morning, I attempted a Yoga class at TriYoga up in Primrose Hill. I opted for the Level 1/2 class as I didn't think my body would cope with anything stronger and I was right. There was a point during the class when I almost burst into tears because it was a struggle, physically and mentally. However, after the class, and as I was hoping and hence the reason I went in the first place, I felt more energised, inspired and clear than I have done for a long a huge thank you to Graham for his gentle, inspirational and humbling class, I do love the whole Triyoga experience.

It was so lovely to go and get a freshly squeezed juice and sit up on Primrose Hill in glorious sunshine and just be...this is the reason I love Yoga, it helps us to experience that peace, albeit often momentarily. And I am okay with all this, it is all about acceptance, and often only by being ill do we appreciate what we have...or what we had...and what we can have again, if only we pay more attention and just accept where we are at. Ho hum.

Hayley, Emma, Julia and I watched the new Sex and the City film in this groovy cinema in Hamstead where you sit on sofas and can have food and drinks served to you. It was so comfortable (and quite nice to escape the heat of the afternoon London sunshine) that I managed to fall asleep half way through the film for a bit! I have never been the best at watching films but recently I do really struggle to concentrate for that long...funny film though, a few poignant messages, and amazing clothes!

From there we went to Angel and we met a few of Hayley's work mates and other friends and had some food and danced...for some reason, when I am having an energy high all I want to do is dance, I am going with it and figure it is a much needed form of release and helping to unleash the blocked creativity in the process. Needless to say following the high comes the low and while it was a fantastic night with lots of laughter and smiles I was ready for bed by the time we got home.

Today it is stupidly hot in London and Hayley and I are lounging around making the most of quiet time. We are intending to head to Hamstead Heath for a bit of London park time...I do miss the sea when it is hot over here, but still, nice to be away and rest and laugh with "H".

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