Magical birthday

I am having a magical birthday, thank you angels, friends and family.

We woke early to fog but this did not deter us from our daily swim, high tide at Petit Bot today, Liz and Mandy from Yoga were there too, the 4 of us swimming in the Bay although they lasted a lot longer than we did (well done ladies), the tourists watching were very impressed, the thing is, once you are in it is great. I used to always be a West coast girl, but Ewan has converted me to the South coast, the beach is steeper so you submerge yourself a lot quicker.

I can't tell you how healing it has been to get in the sea each day recently. You read books about clearing your energy and healing yourself and many of them will suggest immersing yourself in cold water every day as it negates any bad energy and it is so true, I can highly recommend. I have even started getting into the shower when it is cold these days and then enjoying the change in temperature. I believe it strengthens both the immune and nervous systems. The sea is the best however, especially if your skin has been out in the sun. We even swim these days rather than just lasting the obligatory minute.

We cycled into town - how much I love cycling again these days, the main thing which stresses me out over here in Guernsey is traffic especially through the St Andrews lane, but with a bike you just get on with it, plus you get to breathe fresh air in the process - and got he Trident over to Herm for lunch. It was midday and the for had lifted to reveal a beautifully sunny day, lucky me I don't remember my birthday always being like this.

We walked from Cambridge steps to the Mermaid for salad and a glass of wine in the sun, got to love it, last year I was in Devon all on my own. We walked up to meet our friend Tracy and her Mum and baby daughter for a cup of tea, they are staying in one of the cottages over there for a week, lucky things, if the weather carries on like this then they will have a particularly amazing time, the views from their cottage at the top of the hill are just insane. We walked around and made the obligatory trip to the shop, they sell crystals at the cheapest price I have ever found them and no trip to Herm is complete without investing in a few of them.

Back on Guernsey the sun was still shining high and we hammered it home on the bikes up the hills from town to St Andrews, I don't know why we did that, it was a mental challenge as much as a physical one, great for me to test my strength, I am feeling so much better, the stamina is returning, although I did have to lie on my bed for a few minutes to slow my heart rate when we made it home.

Tennis time now before a lovely large salad platter with Ewan, my parents, Ross, Star and Adena this evening.

We are off to Sark this weekend for the Sark Folk Festival, my birthday present from Ewan, I am so excited and so grateful, I love experiential gifts, this will be the first time we have camped together and we are both looking forward to the back to basics experience as well as listening to all the music, seeing friends and enjoying the sun and the Sark ambiance.

So a huge thank you for all my kind birthday messages, the cards, presents and especially all the references to hearts, angels and crystals, I love it!!!!

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