Kiss joy as it flies

When I was researching the spiritual side to the Lunar eclipse I came across something someone had written about it creating chaos and joke!

Two hours before Vicki and Ju were due to visit for a civilised glass of wine in Ewan's beautiful garden prior to my birthday meal, Ewan and I decided that it was time to take him to Accident & Emergency. The poor boy had been suffering with lower abdominal pain for 20 hours and had spent the last 4 hours curled up on the sofa feeling awful.

An hour later I was still sitting in the waiting room quite literally waiting to find out what was happening to Ewan. Thirty minutes later and following various tests, Ewan was admitted to Victoria wing with suspected kidney stones...poor Ewan it is horrible to see someone you love in hospital all wired up and anxious about their condition. A huge thank you to Vic and Tracy for sorting everything out for me, needless to say we cancelled the birthday meal, I didn't want to leave Ewan until he went to sleep.

Which he did just after 10.30pm. I drove down to Vicki's house at Grandes Rocque and was blown away by light at Cobo - despite the time there was still an orange and pink glow to the horizon which reflected beautifully on the glistening high tide. I absolutely love Cobo when it is like this - a balmy night, high tide, glowing sky - I have watched the sun set at many magical places around the world but none of those experiences have blown my mind quite like watching at sun set at Cobo, magnificent.

Crossing the road to Vic's house from the carpark I was fortunate to witness the full moon rising in front of me, but alas no naked running around the garden tonight, Vic, Ju and I sat outside in its glow, finally enjoying a bottle of sparkling wine and putting the world to rights instead...sometimes there are seemingly nonspiritual ways to tap into one's spirituality and it has to be said that sometimes the best way to "let go" on a full moon night (and embrace the femininity of its energy) is to bring the girl's together and have girly chats over a bottle of wine.

As promised I made it to the hospital for 8am this morning to find Ewan a little more comfrotable. It seems he has a kidney infection, which is potentially rather serious (I've learnt quite a bit about the kidney today!) so they are dosing him up on antibiotics and monitoring his progress. Consequently we have spent the whole day sitting together on his single bed in his private room being brought tea, water and juices (how indulged are we with private health care over here) chatting with his family and and watching England's dismal football performance against Germany...

So all in all it has been an interesting weekend. Beautiful, beautiful weather - most unusual for a full moon - morning and evening high tides, fantastic sunsets, stunning full moon, a sense of excitement about a Satursya night out and the England football game, and yet Ewan and I haven't really been able to get out and enjoy any of it, and yet - well now he feels more comfortable - I'd say we are feeling relatively peaceful.

You see there is something incredibly humbling about spending time in a hospital, grounding somehow. A reminder that we are not invincible and that we really should grasp each moment because stuff just happens. And that the allopathic world has its benefits, and that many nurses are real life angels, and that while there is lots of suffering and pain in the world, there is also a lot of kindness and compassion. We have no control, why we waste so much energy and time trying to control our lives I have no idea, stuff just happens. Its kind of liberating. Life is to be lived. Life is short. Just get on, get out there and enjoy it.

A kindred soul sent me this lovely poem by William Blake today, I feel it kind of sums up the weekend in so many ways:-


He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy
But he who kisses joy as it flies
Lives in eternity's sun rise

Love and thank you to all of you who have helped so much this weekend. xxxx
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