The Full Moon and a partical Lunar Eclipse

Not only is it a full moon tonight but also a partial Lunar Eclipse adding to he general exciting energy of the Full Moon. A Lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes into the Earth's shadow. This type of eclipse does not occur every year but when it does, it's a wonderful and magical night.

Apparently the eclipse will begin 1017 GMT when the Moon enters the shadow of Earth but because of the timing, it will not be visible from the UK or Europe. However in many parts of the US and Canada (you lucky things), the eclipse will appear larger because it occurs while the Moon is so close to the horizon. According to Nasa, low-hanging Moons look "unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects". The reason for this is not understood.

I am really excited. I am celebrating my forthcoming birthday tonight with a few female kindred spirits and so I hope that we can spend some time honouring the Goddess together. Failing that I am sure Ewan and I will have our own little ritual, mad though it sounds I really did run around the garden naked last time around and keep threatening to do this at the fairy ring one night...

...okay so he thought I was slightly mad, as you may well do too - but isn't this what the full moon is all about, encourage the energy of lunacy and creative expression, let the hair down, let go, let go, let go - it was an incredibly liberating experience actually, and I can highly recommend. Admittedly I was "wired" for days afterwards but it certainly helped to encourage a transformation in my thought process and new opportunities presented themselves for grounding the energy - France then came about.

Never underestimate the power of the Moon. Nor the power of the Full Moon especially. Honestly, it is truly exciting stuff. Put your crystals outside in its light to clear and energise them, you'll be amazed how much they sparkle tomorrow, especially Moonstone.

Do your own "letting go" ceremony. Write down all the aspects of your life that no longer serve you, behaviour patters, vices, energy vampires etc...and then call on the Goddess to help you to let go and then burn the paper and think no more of it, simple as that!

Or stand outside, call on the Goddess, honour her, give thanks, say a prayer, ask for her help, or simply thank her for being there.

Maybe you think I am mad but seriously, give it a go, at least stand outside and stare at the full moon, just feel the energy, open your arms, let it enter your heart.

So who knows maybe one day we can all go running naked around the fairy ring at Full Moon. Now that would be something to tell the grandchildren.

Happy Full Moon.

Ross DespresComment