Birthday meal

A huge thank you to my family for a lovely birthday salad eaten outdoors (how cool is that at this time of year!), the new herb garden and other gardening things(so exciting, can't wait to get planting) and book to know how to look after organic veggies (pretty crucial at this stage in the limited ogardening knowledge), plus of course the other girl-related gifts, you have all been super generous. For me it was just special to be able to spend some of my birthday with the whole family, this is the first time for a long time that Ross has been here on the Island at this time of year, so that means a lot, thank you.

Very funny too, Ewan spent thirty minutes putting the tent up in the garden before we went for dinner in preparation for Sark, only to go around to my parents and discover that Ross had put a tent up in their garden in preparation for their trip too...only the cats went and weed on his tent, Ross not impressed, we all found it hilarious! Dad got to enjoy lighting his fire, men love this fire lightning thing, great a stuff though, heating and mesmerising, a meditation no less.

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