The magical world of bluebells, tree nymphs and fairies

I had the distinct feeling that the tree nymphs were watching us as we walked through bluebell woods today. How incredible, a carpet of this beautiful bluey purple colour, a wonderful compliment to the green and brown of the tall and skinny trees and vines growing throughout the small valley. I kept expecting to see deer running behind the trees, or monkeys swinging through the wines, reminiscent of the Annapurna Range.

We saw more bluebells yesterday too on our walk out at Pleinmont and this time it was the fairies watching our ambles and tree climbing - okay so the tree had fallen down and Ewan managed to get a lot further along and up it than either Charles or I (we weren't wearing the right shoes - well that was my excuse)...but all the same we were wood-spirited and back to nature, cold and grounded...and we made the obligatory kora around the fairy ring and of course made a wish...I'll let you know when it comes true.

Enjoy the week, enjoy the bluebells and enjoy the fact that everything is exactly as it is meant to be...