An insight into farm living and the kestrel

We have just had a fantastic time in France with Tessa, Carl, Evie, Ollie and a plethora of animals on their farm in Normandy.

I absolutely love it, the 'back to basics, back to land, opt out of the norm', approach to life, spending time in nature, on the land, from the land and in touch with the land. Sometimes nothing else matters. Food, clothing and shelter. Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

We walked lots, we talked lots, we drank wine and had those lovely late night deep and meaningful about life, we laughed lots (those children are so funny), we visited this fabulous Cathedral in a neighbouring town and wandered around a school fete, we ate some lovely food, we helped out on the farm and we even found a kestrel with a broken wing and intervened, a combination of Reiki, fresh steak, bandages and some advice from the local bird sanctuary...I'm praying he will be okay, he is so beautiful, I am honoured to have gotten so close to the little thing.

I learned lots about running a farm, about the animals, about the challenges and joys of subsistence living, about the personalities of the animals, about sitting and watching and simply being, about living one's dream and being open to the obstacles and trusting in the Universe - faith and hope are up there again.

I also learned lots about the Second World War, not only was it Liberation weekend but of course Normandy has quite a history for some pretty fierce fighting...Carl and Tessa still find bits of tank and bullet cases on their farm, and there are some pretty eery areas where lots of men lost their lives.

The thoughts of war aside, the weekend was simply fab, the healing power of nature is quite incredible.

Thank you the Masons.

Ross DespresComment