Beautiful days on Lihou

What a beautiful day. Stunning in fact. I was fortunate to finally have the whole day off so was able to make the most of it, increasing my Vitamin D levels by lying in the sun for a few hours, with the seagulls chattering around the quarry, how blissful!

This afternoon Ewan, Val and I walked over to Lihou Island to measure up the house for the forthcoming Yoga and Wellbeing retreat over there the night of Friday 13th August. There is an incredible wooden platform over there, which will be wonderful for an outdoor practice, so I will be praying for warm and dry conditions to make full use of this wonderful vantage point, a lovely opportunity to connect with nature and breathe the fresh sea air as we practice.

Lihou has to be one of my favourite places over here, even though it is a mere 800 metre walk from the mainland you do really feel like you are getting away from it all, the light is brighter somehow and nature abounds, there are so many birds and at the moment the landscape is awash with small beautiful yellow, purple and pink flowers. Richard Curtis, the manager, was as fascinating as ever, he really knows how to live life in touch with the elements, and it is great listening to stories of his experiences on the Island and eating some of the greens growing on the Island.

The sunset tonight was pretty incredible. I am sorry for all the people who have been disrupted by the volcanic ash, it cannot be easy. However whata joy to have clear and peaceful skies, no jet trails and no noisy planes, there is a strange and yet calming energy. I can't help thinking that this year in particular nature is really trying to slow us down and remind us how to live, and also to make it quite clear that try as we might, it is in control of things and perhaps we have to start respecting that a little more, and living with it rather than against it all the time. It would certainly reduce every one's stress levels if we did this a little more.

So another weekend over and plenty more ahead, there is so much to do over here we are rather spoilt. Flights dependant, Sue is over next weekend for the Yoga workshop and I am really hoping that the bluebells will be in full blossom in bluebell woods and we can get out an explore this lovely Island and perhaps take a trip over to Herm if the weather permits.

I hope everyone has been able to make the most of the weather and is in good spirits.

Enjoy the peace while it lasts and take the time to notice the small flowers, the waxing moon in the later afternoon and post dusk and the movement of the tides.

Love and peace

Em x
Ross DespresComment