It has to be said that I am totally blown away by the beauty of Spring this year. I have not been on Guernsey at this time of year for a number of years so it is rather novel, but that aside, I don't ever remember being so incredibly aware of the plethora of colours on the hedgerows and the blossom on the trees. It is a little like a fairy land and yet it is so real.

Walking through the lanes in St Andrews near where I live I frequently pass a house with the most spectacular garden, so many primroses and other flowers I cannot name and I often find myself standing in awe - one of the many riches in life that money simply cannot buy. The bluebells are out in force too, time to wander through bluebell woods and perhaps over to Herm and through their new nature trail.

The moon is pretty impressive in the late afternoon too, building to a full moon on the 28th. See if you can feel the energy, I have a feeling it will be a powerful one and a motivator for letting go of those things that no longer serve our higher purpose to make room for the new. Perhaps go and walk around the fairy ring and make a wish;-)

Enjoy. The Universe is truly abundant with its gifts without any monetary value - reminds us of the essence of life.

Ross DespresComment