Poem of love...for you

Get's right under your skin.
So you don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore.
Which is the point.
It takes you to the depths of despair
And the height of happiness.
Light and dark.
A subjective experience, unique to everyone,
No right or wrong, only what you feel inside.
I will give my soul to love and express my soul through love.
And there are times when I have denied my soul through false love.
But it is real now, I feel it. Right there. In my heart.
The ache, the pain, the joy, the ecstasy, the reality of love. If I will allow it.
Self preservation.
Heart to heart, skin to skin, mouth to mouth
Love, I feel it, deep inside me.
Eats you up it does. Opens you up inside out. Bare, raw, exposed
And blissfully pure.
No one can judge – try as they might,
Each is different, the heart cannot be boxed or stereotyped.
Each time. It’s fine. Each time. It’s okay.
What does it matter.
Love knows no bounds.
Eat me up, turn me upside down, inside out, twisted, spin me around
Make me lose all sense of anything, everything, except
Just you.
The eyes.
The heart.
The soul.
The despair.
The laughter.
The fun.
That’s love.
Makes me feel alive, connected somehow.
You know it too, you feel it too, I know you do.
Two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl.
Pink Floyd.
See, you do get it too.
Love me, love you, love is blind.
Let us find the sight, the light then
Together. Nature.
Trees. Growth. Day by day.
Slow, slow, think Oak.
Two lost souls.
We mirror each other.
Love, it mirrors the soul.
I love you too.
Don’t cry too long.
Don’t be lost too long.
I love you.
Ross DespresComment