For those who have been asking, here is Mum's thoroughly nourishing and tasty Thai butternut squash soup recipe:-

1 butternut squash weighing about 1 kg unpeeled
1 tin coconut milk
Fresh ginger – about one inch
1 red chilli (omit if you don’t like it too hot)
A teaspoon Thai red curry paste (be cautious, you can always add a little more later)
About 1 pint vegetable stock (from powder or cube is fine) or chicken stock (if you’re not vegetarian!)
Salt & Pepper
Olive or vegetable oil
Fresh coriander

1. Peel and deseed squash and cut into smallish chunks (it cooks quicker)
2. Peel and chop ginger finely.
3. If using, cut stalk off chill and chop finely (if you want to limit heat remove seeds)
4. Put tablespoon of oil in pan and on medium heat add ginger, chilli and paste. Stir for a few minutes then add coconut milk and stock.
5. Add squash, bring to boil and then reduce heat and simmer until squash is soft – or begins to break up.
6. Remove from heat and either liquidise with ‘wand’ or allow to cool and then liquidise in a goblet.
7. Reheat when needed and check seasoning before serving.
8. Chop coriander and sprinkle on top of each portion.

That’s it, bon appétit!

Ross DespresComment