Well I am in London visiting my best friends Hannah and Hayley for a night before going off to meet more best friends, Clairebear and Laura, in South Africa, for Bear and GH's blessing. Lucky me, it is almost a year since my last long haul, good for the environment, but not good in fulfilling my dreams of travelling, practising Yoga and writing about it. So I am happy.

Life has been busy recently, caught up in the energy of the illusion, too busy, so that it is easy to lose perspective of what is important in life. I was talking about this with my Reiki Master the other night - how we can get far too carried away with the future and what we want to achieve, rather than focusing on the present and what we already have and then of course running the risk of forgetting what is truly precious in life, such as spending time with family and friends and taking time to relax the body and the a Yoga teacher this is still a daily challenge!

So time to slow down, get back in the flow, practice softly, open the mind, enjoy the moment, smile, relax, read, write and breathe the South African air!

Ross DespresComment