Sam and I decided to make the most of the lovely crisp and clear winter weather to trek over to Lihou for the New Year open house.

I love Lihou, there is something special about the energy and light over there, perhaps it is the perspective you gain of Guernsey, I am not sure, but I really experience this feeling of getting away from it all.

Last January Ewan and I were lucky to have the whole Island to ourselves for a night at the same time that the snowy owl had taken residence – lucky us. We did not arrive until late afternoon when the sun was setting and it was such an incredible experience watching the tide come up and knowing that we were well and truly cut off from the rest of the world.

The next morning we were awake really early – you can really hear nature over there – and went out for an early walk around the Island and were fortunate to literally stumble upon the snowy owl, my gosh how incredible, he (or is he a she) was so close to us, like metres away as he flew off to the other end of the Island and sat on a rock so that we could creep close and take photos without him feeling threatened. It was a special morning and once again goes to show that often the best things in life are natural and free. I am gracious.

No snowy owl for Sam and I on Sunday however, instead lots of other people enjoying the natural feel of the Island and congregating in the warmth of the house for mulled wine and mince pies. I have booked the house for a night in August to hold a Yoga and Wellbeing retreat and I was delighted to see the wooden platform outside the house facing East, which will be perfect for an outdoor morning practice – let us just pray that it does not rain!

We stopped off at the dolmon fairy cave on the L’Eree headland, which is a wonderful little place - two years ago my cousin Yo, my Mum and I went dowsing in it (asking permission before we entered of course) and we were amazed at the energy lines and were fortunate to see a spirit of sorts, i can’t really describe it, like a mirage I guess. I can highly recommend a visit, just remember to be respectful, there is something special about the experience. And next time the causeway is open perhaps take a stroll over to Lihou, it does wonders for the Spirit.
Ross DespresComment