Each phase of the Moon brings with it a special energy for that lunar cycle. Everyone knows that the Moon affects the tide and the oceans and becuase we are mostly liquid these phases also affect us.

The Moon is currently Waxing - between the new and full Moon - and this is a time to begin things that you would like to increase through the time that the Moon grows to fullness. It is a bit late now but the best time during the Waxing Moon to start a new venture is the day that the first sliver of light shows after the New Moon. This is called Diana’s Bow - named after the Roman Goddess of the moon and the hunt, Diana (her Greek counterpart is Artemis).

The Moon will be Full next Saturday, exciting times as ever as you can utilise the intensity of the energy to banish unwanted influences in your life. It is a good time to release old patterns and issues to make room for new plans. So this week perhaps become conscious of those things you want to grow and those things you want to let go, and do more of the things you want to grow and less of the things you want to let go. Clear inention is everything. And don't forget, unless you let go of the old, there is no room for the new!!

Enjoy the energy of the Moon, try and have a peak once a night, it really is incredible how good it can make you feel inside.

Love and Moon light

Em xxx
Ross DespresComment