Well it has not been the most pleasant of days weather wise, cold, rain, heavy clouds, the usual British winter thing, but I am so pleased I made the effort to get out of the house and go down to the beach as I was fortunate to see an incredible rainbow brightening the otherwise dark skies.

Rainbows are simply incredible, I will never forget driving back to Byron Bay in Australia with my friend Hayley and my brother's step-daughter Adena after we had visited the monthly Channon market back in May and being treated to the most incredible rainbow we have all ever seen, it literally lit up the sky so that we were "oohing and aahing" in awe at this spectacular light show of nature, which just appeared to the side of us - it was an effort to keep my eyes on the road!

And then again when Charles was driving the two of us to London from my caravan in Devon back in July and we saw a total of 3 rainbows on that one journey, adding to the general spontaneity and magic of that day, and then again when I was staying with him while doing the David Swenson course so that we now believe there must be some connection between us and rainbows...or it could just be complete coincidence, if there is indeed such a thing.

Regardless of life circumstances, I can't help but smile when I see a rainbow, they are just so bright and colourful, the full range of the light spectrum and indeed the chakras up there on display, like we need more of a message to demonstrate the power of balanced chakras so that we too can shine the colours of a rainbow. My Dad thinks I am mad of course, spending too much time living in a fairy world, but I say bring it on, for something to be so bright, colourful, natural, free and beautiful has to be nothing short of one of the greatest gifts of the universe...that and creation of course.

And actually this reminds me of something, strangely the night my Gran passed away. Although she taught me many lessons in her life, my Gran, Doreen, taught me her greatest lesson in her passing. A couple of hours before she took her final breath I checked her chakras with my crystal pendulum and I was amazed to find that they were all completely balanced. This is not something I come across very often when I work with people on an energetic level and I was strangely surprised.

Of course now it makes perfect sense to me and I took great comfort in the fact that in her moment of passing my Gran had managed to establish complete balance throughout her energetic body, which surely meant that she was balanced in all other bodies too. Peace perhaps. And I suspect that if I had been able to see her aura at that time, it would have been glowing the bright colours of the chakras, like a rainbow too - the sign of an angel perhaps.

So enjoy the rainbows, may they bring as much peace, comfort and joy into your life as they do to mine.
Ross DespresComment