Well what a wonderful Christmas this has been. First an early morning telephone conversation with my brother Ross in Australia where they have been enduring a heat wave, quite a contrast to our recent cold weather.

Then strangely, for the first time in years and due to the fact it has been a hard few months my parents surprised me with presents from Father Christmas, go figure, lucky me.

My parents went off to Victor Hugo's for breakfast leaving me to do my morning Yoga practice in peace, lovely, although of course there was the usual interruption by Alfie the cat who likes to lie on my mat halfway through my practice so I have to move around him, not ideal!

After my practice Charles skyped me from Thailand, lucky thing, another lovely conversation with someone spending Christmas Day in the sunshine - thanks sweetheart, some of the best presents in life are free.

Then Dad came down to Vazon with me as I went for a swim in the sea, a very quick swim in the sea, like really quick, just enough to dive in, get my hair wet, do a couple of token strokes and then straight was cold...only bonus was I got to go straight in the hot tub back at home with a cup of tea, which was wonderful - there is nothing quite like lying there in hot water staring at the clouds moving overhead and birds flying past, and what incredible clouds today, we have been blessed.

Lunch was fabulous, courtesy of my Mum, and we were lucky to see an incredible rainbow from the table, Christmas wishes, there are so many, but I did make one.

Present time, I was spoilt again, this is what happens when your brother lives over the other side of the world and does not partake in the present giving. I am finally moving into a house rental next week so I got lots of lovely things to make the place cosy and serene. Thankfully Mum and Dad liked their gifts too.

Sami called from Canada (lovely to speak) and then we managed a walk around the block and down to the coast, great to get some fresh air and what wonderful sunset, lovely orange and pink tinged skies, again lucky us, pleased to be living on Guernsey on days like this.

We popped into Clairebear to exchange presents, so funny looking at old photos of us as children together, nothing changes, we now have matching slippers, think that is rather cool in a fairy like way.

So now just to catch up with friends this evening in person and by email and indulge in a spot of Gavin and Stacey, great stuff, what a wonderful day, blessed, happy and easy going, lucky me, thank you, gracious, Namaste!!

Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you are all having a great day.
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