Well I hope that those of you who joined me for your Reiki 1 attunement today are feeling as inspired and energised as me right now. What a great day, such a lovely group energy with lots of laughter, chatter and rainbows - 2 in one afternoon, lucky us, especially as were working with the colours of the rainbow in our guided chakra balancing meditation, and rainbows are a sign of good luck.

Talking of signs, did you know that seeing a white feather means an angel is nearby, and that a Butterfly brings a spiritual affirmation of growth, transformation and deeper understanding. The key is to pay attention to the things you notice as they may well be signs to guide you and the more you recognise them the more they will help you understand things more quickly in the future.

As for Reiki, what a wonderful energy, it refers to an ancient hands on healing art developed by Dr Usui in Japan in the early 1900s for personal development and the passing of healing energy onto others. Reiki can help a person to discover their true purpose in life, dynamically aids in the production and achievement of all goals, heals past traumas which may be hindering growth and leads, ultimately, to contentment and the understanding that we are all one (a little like the U2 song).

Thank you lovely ladies (and rainbows) for a fabulous day. x
Ross DespresComment