Life Coaching with Michelle is inspiring stuff

I had a life coaching session with my good friend Michelle Johansen yesterday afternoon and while I am slightly biased (Michelle is also a Yoga practitioner and Reiki Master) I can highly recommend. Unfortunately, much like counselling, there is still a degree of stigma attached to Life Coaching, it is something you don't necessarily feel you can admit to others for fear that they will see you as weak or incapable of sorting out your life for yourself. RUBBISH.

Life Coaching is fantastic, everyone should try a session, even if you don't think that you need any life coaching you will be amazed how much you can learn about yourself in one session and - much like Yoga and Reiki - I truly believe that it can help you live a more fulfilled and wholehearted life, more in line with your own soul and heart's yearnings than society's expectations, even if that can be confronting at times.

And if you do go for Life Coaching, make sure to tell everyone about it, be proud that you have made the decision to bring out the best in yourself and in your own experience of life.

Thank you Michelle, inspiring as ever! For more information go to Michelle's website at
Ross DespresComment